About Expect Consulting

EXPECT Consulting was born out of the meeting of former agent of the Swiss counter-terrorism and founder of the first private expert center on terrorism, Jean- Paul Rouiller and of a former French senior investigative reporter, specialized in terrorism matters, Delphine Byrka. Since our first confidential contacts, we shared information, experiences and methods to pool expertise. Expect Consulting emerged from this dynamic and successful synergy.

The next threat your business might undergo is terrorism and terrorism is our core competence. Expect Consulting is a professional, highly skilled team of consultants with an exclusive mission: to support our clients in managing their businesses in risk areas.

Foreseeing risks to anticipate opportunities in countries where you are already set up or plan to invest is a significant competitive advantage. If anticipation is the key to leadership, Expect Consulting is your gate to a safe future.

Expect Consulting is based in Geneva and Paris.