secure strategy

Our intelligence guidance to companies targeting market-shares in new risk areas.
With our tailored assessments, you will be independent, innovative and prospective.


Expect Green Solution

our solution for clients prospecting new markets.
TIT (Tailored Investigation on Target)

A sharp, highly accurate survey for your future developments. Based upon in-depth investigation, including field reporting, we hand over to you a complete study with key-players mapping, data mining, picture folders & networks infographics.


Expect Black Solution

our solution for clients planning new investments.
TAT (Tailored Audit on Target)

An integrated approach for a complete evaluation of a sensitive area, structure or key-players to assess your exposure level.


secure business

Our intelligence support for companies operating in risk areas.
With our tailored products, you will be fast, focused and on the forefront.


Expect Red Solution

Our Early Warning Solution
TEC (Tailored Early Warning Cable)

Exclusive information for your risk & crisis management.


Expect White Solution

Focused insights supporting your risk management
TEC (Tailored Early Warning Cable) delivers

Focused insights supporting your risk management

Expect grey solution

Background Intelligence Check (BIC)

If need be a specific request on an entity, a person or other kinds of target, we can carry out to a deep and thorough investigation.


secure people

To mitigate your company and your staff exposure in risk areas, our team offers
tailored training modules.
Each module will be adapted to your specific needs.
Think Safe

In-depth & tailored module of preparation for specific field missions: raising your security awareness through our presentation of the local shakiness.

Travel Safe

A workshop with military operators who will teach you how to move, improvise and react during your trip.

Behave Safe

A practical security program to support your expatriate employees in the field. Our specialized operators will teach you the best behaviour management practices to apply in your selected country (static, physical, psychological & cultural).

All-round Security Check (ASC)

If you are looking for an optimal travel security, we can make sure that your legitimate security needs meet our professional standards.


secure process

To introduce your company to terrorism-related risks exposure, our team offers highly professional training modules:
Understanding Terrorism Module

To get a grasp of the main actors, terror groups and organizations active in your area of concern; to understand their modus operandi, we propose our «Introduction to Terrorism» module. We will define its scope, depth, length and reach with you.

Targeting Terrorism Module

To acquire a methodology to enhance your risk analysis skills in terrorism we will teach you how to use and monitor open-sources tools according to your company’s specific objectives. This module will teach them how to track, select, gather & check information like terrorism analysis professionals.

Countering Terrorism Module

Conceived by our team of intelligence and law-enforcement former analysts & operators, this module will prepare your agents and executives to master counterterrorism from tactical to strategic levels. Covering the full CT Cycle (from intelligence collection to its use for operational purposes) this module is addressed exclusively to institutional organizations. *

Cyber Awareness Check (CAC)

If suspicious of your system security, we can proceed to a full or partial audit of your IT environment. Vulnerability to cyber attacks, penetration tests and suggest appropriate countermeasures.

*Due to sensitivity of the module sources & methods, we reserve the right to refuse requests